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Christians have such a diverse concept of what the church is and should be. In our church culture today we thrive on having dynamic worship services, weekly programs, pleasing people by catering to their personal preference (how else can you keep the institution going, right?) and promoting the latest fad or traditional church trend. I often hear people express that if only we had the right type of preaching style, right song service, and the right programs to appeal to the people, then we would have a great church full of lots of people and our church budget would be with out limits. But if we had the right everything wouldn’t that be according to our personal preference? Wouldn’t that be people building the church and filling the pews and growing the budget? Then who would receive the glory, God or us? I would only assume that each personal preference is given only by time spent in examination of Scripture and not because they think their way is the right way.

However, the tragedy is that most christian's don’t spend time in the Scriptures to see what the church is and should be. I rarely hear church members say we should look to change this because the word of God says to. I only hear people say that we should change this because it’s not the way they like it (Personal Preference). So is the church to be according to personal preferences? Is the church to become only what pleases its members?

I find to answer these questions let us look today at the introduction of the Doctrine of Christ. The book of Hebrews chapter 3:6 tells us that Christ is the High Priest and builder, who is over the church. Ephesians 3:21 say’s the church is to exist for the Glory of God through Christ Jesus. Matthew 16:18 says it is in the confession of Christ and Him crucified that the believer is changed by and the church is founded upon. Acts 20:28 reveals that Christ purchased the church with His blood. 1 Corinthians 12:12 say’s the church is the body of Christ, and in Ephesians 3:10 Paul’s records the church as the main instrument God uses to glorify himself to the world. So if the church members concept of the church is built upon their personal preference then they only want what is pleasing to them and they reveal their concept of the gospel to the lost world, which only condemns them with a false hope. If the church member’s understanding of the church is built upon Gods word then what they desire is to please Christ in the church and then the biblical saving gospel is revealed and that alone saves a lost world. So I reason to say let us stop our personal preferences that please ourselves and seek to become believers that desire to glorify God by growing in the Doctrine of Christ.

What is your thought?

Pastor Kenny

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