Comparing Two Attributes of God

I posed this question to the students at a recent Wednesday night service.

The culture that we live in today loves to talk about how God is Love. While this is not untrue, it seems unfair to label such a figure by only one of His attributes. 

The least talked about attribute amongst the world not talked about is God being a "just" God.

Question: How can God satisfy both of these attributes of love and justness without contradicting the two?

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1 Tony Back - Fri, March 7, 2014 @ 8:58 AM

You are absolutely correct, and what's more is that Love and Just cannot be separated in listing His attributes.

Because God is a just God He has to punish that which makes us sinners. He is perfect and we are not.
And Because God is a loving God He has chosen to provide a way for us to be viewed as perfect before Him.

This is an amazing thing that a perfect Loving and Just God would give His perfect, one and only son as a substitute for an imperfect world.

So He is JUST in the punishment for sin, and LOVING for providing salvation from that sin.

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